Brene Brown has said that, “practicing spirituality brings a sense of perspective, meaning, and purpose to our lives.” She defines spirituality in terms of connection to others and to a power greater than ourselves. For some, they call a greater power God. For others, they call it nature, or fishing. Whatever name we use for our greater power, there is one skill that is essential to connecting deeply to it and to other people in our lives, and that is vulnerability. Join us as we have a conversation about vulnerability with Maxine Hanks. Maxine is a trained chaplain and mediator who has studied conflict resolution extensively. She is also a religious studies scholar and practiced in interfaith ministry. We will talk about why spirituality and vulnerability are important to our well-being and also why they can be so difficult to access. Our guest today is Maxine Hanks – Chaplain, Mediator, studied Conflict Resolution, Religious Studies scholar, Interfaith Ministry


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