Barbie & the Heroines Journey Bill and Britt outline the heroines journey and how it differs from the hero’s journey.

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2 Replies to “Barbie & the Heroine’s Journey: Almost Awakened: 166”

  1. I enjoyed most of this episode except for a few parts, mainly when Bill shows his utter lack of historical accuracy and knowledge. Bill, I know you like facts so here are a few for your digestion. 1. The US is hardly a patriarchal society. If it is, as you claim, then why are most of the homeless, Men? why is 98% of the prison population Men? why are most of the manual labor jobs performed by Men? Why do Men die in war at a disproportionate rate than Women? Why are most High School dropouts Men? And why is the suicide rate for Men, 6 times that of Women? It seems to me, if we are a patriarchal society, as you claim, Men are doing a very bad job of protecting their turf. What you have done through your lack of thoughtfulness is taken a small category, let’s say CEOs, who are mostly men and amplified this group to an illogical conclusion that the US is a patriarchal society. For most of human history Men and Women have struggle together uphill. Don’t trade Mormon lies with Leftist lies. Mormonism is a patriarchy; the US is not.
    2. Fighting any oppressor with same reciprocal flit is a recipe for disaster. Bill, I can’t believe you think fighting systemic sexism, which you believe is the patriarchy with sexism is appropriate. I’m sure you also believe, like Gov Cox that fighting racism with racism is a good idea. BILL, PLEASE THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK.
    3. The #metoo movement is predicated on the idea that everyone should believe Women without evidence. Not only is this idea antithetical to the idea of a free society but this approach has been tried and there are dead bodies piled up as a result. Perhaps you should read more about the Salem Witch trials and some of the dark history of the former Soviet Union and Maoist China. I would also invite you to read John Grisham book The Innocent Man. Men should treat Women with respect, but believing first without evidence doesn’t end well for either sex.
    4. Britt, you need to read more Jordan Peterson. Jordan Peterson is hardly the standard bearer of Men. I think you mean Andrew Tate? Andrew Tate is not a very good person; and young men are flocking to him because he is overly masculine and stands up for many disfranchised young men. I think you’re correct, feminism has gone too far and has created individuals like Andrew Tate.

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