Mekael and Bill are the hosts of the Almost Awakened Podcast.  Both have deconstructed unhealthy spiritual systems and have spent 100’s of hours grappling with human development, human behavior, Human evolution, along with tools and resources for moving into deeper stages of consciousness and the shedding of Ego.  After all that……. they are only Almost Awakened.  But then again so are the rest of you, including you Eckhart Tolle, we see you.

No topic involving Humans is off limits and each week they attempt to help all of you who are Almost Awakened, to awake just a little bit more.  Each episode includes discussions of the books and podcasts they are learning from, discussions for building a intimate connected community of friends, along with discussing their own shadow work.  Get on board, buckle your seat belt, and get ready to dive into the successes and failures of being a growing developing human being.

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