3446_Microphone_TrophyThis is a master list of all audio episodes accessible to the general public.  Become a subscriber today to access all episodes.  As you might expect, the sound quality is lower in the early episodes as the recording equipment and my comprehension of audio editing was just beginning.   Please enjoy.
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2021-10 (October)
    Almost Awakened: 082: Buddhism For Beginners Part 11: The Ten Perfections of the Heart

2021-09 (September)
    Almost Awakened: 081: Buddhism For Beginners Part 10: The Four Elements

2021-08 (August)
    Almost Awakened: 080: Buddhism For Beginners Part 9: The Four Abodes
    Almost Awakened: 079: Buddhism For Beginners Part 8: Buddhist Psychology

2021-07 (July)
    Almost Awakened: 078: Buddhism For Beginners Part 7 – The Basic Characteristics of Life
    Almost Awakened: 077: Buddhism For Beginners Part 6 – The Law of Karma
    Almost Awakened: 076: Buddhism For Beginners Part 5 - Five Hindrances of Awakening

2021-06 (June)
    Almost Awakened: 075: Buddhism For Beginners Part 4 - Four Fundamentals of Mindfulness
    Almost Awakened: 074: Buddhism For Beginners Part 3

2021-05 (May)
    Almost Awakened: 073: Amanda & Bill & The Inner Work of True Love
    Almost Awakened: 072: Buddhism For Beginners Part 2
    Almost Awakened: 071: Buddhism For Beginners Part 1

2021-04 (April)
    Almost Awakened: 070: How We Experience Conflict And Taking The Tie

2021-03 (March)
    Almost Awakened: 069: Brittney Hartley & Bill Reel - A Deep Conversation

2021-01 (January)
    Almost Awakened: 068: Gamestop, GME Stock, WallStreetBets, and The Squeeze
    Almost Awakened: 067: Veronica Funess -Sex, Shame, and Negotiation
    Almost Awakened: 066: Phil McLemore & Bill Reel - What Is The Life Well Lived
    Almost Awakened: 065: Every Moment is Precious - Take on Me
    Almost Awakened: 064: Jonathan Westover and the Alchemy of Leadership

2020-12 (December)
    Almost Awakened: 063: Are We Not all Seeking Acceptance?

2020-11 (November)
    Almost Awakened: 062: Moms and Thanksgiving
    Almost Awakened: 061: Vaccines, Anti-Vaxers, And Covid19
    Almost Awakened: 060: Schizophrenia And How Hard Life Can Be

2020-10 (October)
    Almost Awakened: 059: Bill Reel & Glenn Ostlund – The Path to Surrender Part 3
    Almost Awakened: 058: Bill Reel & Glenn Ostlund - The Path to Surrender Part 2
    Almost Awakened: 057: Ego VS Another's Authentic Self
    Almost Awakened: 056: Good Kisser and Bowling
    Almost Awakened: 055: Bill Reel & Glenn Ostlund - The Path to Surrender Part 1

2020-09 (September)
    Almost Awakened: 054: Glenn Ostlund - Bathing With God
    Almost Awakened: 053: Phil McLemore - Wisdom Conversation
    Almost Awakened: 052: Alan Watts - The Illusion of Money, Time, And Ego
    Almost Awakened: 051: Tribal Trauma

2020-08 (August)
    Almost Awakened: 050: Life in Prison
    Almost Awakened: 049: Accepting Your Humanity
    Almost Awakened: 048: Narratives, Story, Tangents, and Cost
    Almost Awakened: 047: Showing Up And The Pain That It Causes
    Almost Awakened: 046: Abortion and Critical Thinking

2020-07 (July)
    Almost Awakened: 045: Adam & Eve And Conscious Altering Tools
    Almost Awakened: 044: Myth Is All Around Us
    Almost Awakened: 043: Mirror, Validate, and Have Empathy

2020-06 (June)
    Almost Awakened: 042: George Floyd & Systemic Racism

2020-05 (May)
    Almost Awakened: 041: The Cannabis Industry with Brad Poulos
    Almost Awakened: 040: How a Pawn Shop Works
    Almost Awakened: 039: Janet Bennion - Polyamory

2020-04 (April)
    Almost Awakened: 038: Five Wives Vodka
    Almost Awakened: 037: Street Epistemology With Anthony Magnabosco
    Almost Awakened: 036: Ryan Poulsen - Emergency First Responder - Awake in Life's Most Tragic Moments
    Almost Awakened: 035: Historical Pandemics

2020-03 (March)
    Almost Awakened: 034: Energy Healing With Holly Hope
    Almost Awakened: 033: Rob Barnes and Astrology
    Almost Awakened: 032: Chris Finnegan - Music as a tool to Awaken
    Almost Awakened: 031: LSD, Hash House, Sex Ed, and Assisted Masturbation

2020-02 (February)
    Almost Awakened: 030: EMDR with LaDawn - Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing
    Almost Awakened: 029: Scott Jeffrey – A Conversation Around Shadow Work
    Almost Awakened: 028: Jared Clavin - My First Year With Alcohol
    Almost Awakened: 027: Body Image and Body Shame

2020-01 (January)
    Almost Awakened: 026: Sex, Shadows, Kinks & Fetishes
    Almost Awakened: 025: Non-Monogamy and Non-Normative Sexuality with River
    Almost Awakened: 024: Wendi Jensen: Get Curious & The Healing Arts
    Almost Awakened: 023: Jennifer Saunders - Go Be Great!

2019-12 (December)
    Almost Awakened: 022: Ego and Rational Thinking with Spencer Wright
    Almost Awakened: 021: Sex At Dawn and Babies Saved

2019-11 (November)
    Almost Awakened: 020: Mom and The Dying
    Almost Awakened: 019: Negotiating Sex Responsibly
    Almost Awakened: 018: Being Yourself versus Compromising Yourself

2019-10 (October)
    Almost Awakened: 017: Ben Brown - Our Brain and the Stories We Tell
    Almost Awakened: 016: Specific Signs of Awakening
    Almost Awakened: 015: Parties, Stories, Strangers, and Shadows
    Almost Awakened: 014: Overcoming our Bigotry and Prejudice

2019-09 (September)
    Almost Awakened: 013: What is Shadow Work
    Almost Awakened: 012: Pride Week, Drag Queens, And Homophobia
    Almost Awakened: 011: Tim Birt - Healthy Communication

2019-08 (August)
    Almost Awakened: 010: Cory Reese - Running and Life
    Almost Awakened: 009: Fear
    Almost Awakened: 008: Swearing, Cussing, and Foul Mouths
    Almost Awakened: 007: The Purpose of Life
    Almost Awakened: 006: Death and Dying

2019-07 (July)
    Almost Awakened: 005: Human Connection & Intimacy
    Almost Awakened: 004: The Top Five Catalysts for Awakening
    Almost Awakened: 003: Vulnerability
    Almost Awakened: 002: Myth, Gossip, And Intimacy - The Work of Sapiens

2019-06 (June)
    Almost Awakened: 001: What Is Almost Awakened


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