Today we talk about Swearing and Cursing. Is Swearing a sign of an ignorant mind? Does it make someone sound ignorant? Is cursing good for you? Why are some words untouchable and become deeply taboo and way more than other swear words? What is your favorite Swear Word? Are humans the only species that swears?   Please email us your questions and comments at AlmostAwakened AT Gmail DOT Com and visit us at

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Mekael and Bill are the hosts of the Almost Awakened Podcast. They have spent a ton of time diving into human development, human behavior, having deconstructed unhealthy systems and communities and what they have learned from that. As they have built with others, a vibrant healthy community where authenticity and vulnerability matter, they want to share with you what they have learned, point you to good books, provide you with the tools and resources to help you awaken, and share with you their experiences in doing shadow work and recognizing ego and working to reduce unhealthiness in our lives.

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psychological benefits of swearing


4 Replies to “Almost Awakened: 008: Swearing, Cussing, and Foul Mouths”

  1. I’m currently in the middle of listening to this episode and I noticed that at one point Bill said “when I use bad language to cope…”. That statement, and the first part of this podcast, got me thinking about how society has labeled language. Language, like a lot of things, can be labeled as this black or white thing (good/bad, nice/mean, happy/sad) of course those are just words to describe how people interpret it…. moving on to my comment.

    It made me chuckle a little when Bill referred to it as “bad language” when previously in the podcast Bill and Kelsey were talking about how swearing is Taboo and that is why we like to do it. I’m not criticizing or saying it is a bad thing, it just sparked my thinking about if society never put that negative label on swearing, what interpretation would we, as a whole, have on it today? From what I have interpreted from this episode (and my previous opinions) swearing is a tool that can be used in many different forms (both negative and positive) but why do we generalize it to have a negative meaning when so many people use swearing in a positive, healthy manner? Anyway just a thought I had! I have been loving this podcast and it has helped me personally explore some topics and understand my feelings and options about them!

  2. Bill, I love the intro to this podcast. I think there is a need for a podcast that the intro describes. However, the content doesn’t seem to match the description. All I hear is how you left one tribe, were lonely, and now everything is f-ing awesome because you created a new tribe and you can rub each other’s shoulders and drink red coffee. Why is that ‘waking up’? It kind of sounds more like changing one religion for another.

    1. give us some time brother. part of what you’re seeing is vulnerability (For example saying last week I was shitty parent). waking up isn’t a topic. Its the second half of life. Part of what your seeing is shadow work. Part of what you are seeing is a bigger picture of how we got here. Be patient. We want to hit a particular topic each week and we are also in the midst of arranging interview with other almost awakened souls who have expertise in some arena.

  3. I think the pace is perfect. I spent 50 years in a high-demand religion. I am not going to jump right into debauchery. I sipped some Coffee with Blueberry cobbler creamer. Alcohol may come at some point in the future, but I have never learned self-control so I am going to go SLOW.

    I have dropped swears where I used to say Frick or Fetch. The right word is often FUCK. It indicates the strength of your emotion. It tells the people around you the depth of the emotion that you are feeling.

    I am an adult and can choose when and how to use my language. I have graduated.

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