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Almost Awakened: 007: The Purpose of Life

Today we talk about The Purpose of Life. Is there one Universal Purpose? Does being good matter? Is there First half of life purpose and second half of life purpose.   Please email us your questions and comments at AlmostAwakened AT Gmail DOT Com and visit us at Find us on Itunes, Stitcher, Google […]

Almost Awakened: 006: Death and Dying

Today we talk about Dying and Death. What do we believe about Death and Dying. Thoughts on coping with such.  What happens at death? How to support someone who has lost a loved one?  How to arrive at peace over your own future death?  Please email us your questions and comments at AlmostAwakened AT Gmail […]

Almost Awakened: 003: Vulnerability

In Episode 3 we tackle vulnerability. What is vulnerability, when is the risk worth being vulnerable, what do safe space look like, how to lean into it, and so much more. We talk about vulnerability with your sacred stories, with your sexuality, and with who you are at your core. We hope you enjoy. Please […]

Almost Awakened: 001: What Is Almost Awakened

What is the “Almost Awakened Podcast” you ask? Well imagine an intelligent beautiful lesbian and a equally intelligent but nerdy heterosexual male who have become best friends as they have leaned into vulnerability & authenticity with each other and their community. They have spent a ton of time diving into human development, human behavior, having […]

Coming Soon – Almost Awakened Podcast

Mekael and Bill are the hosts of the Almost Awakened Podcast.  Both have deconstructed unhealthy spiritual systems and have spent 100’s of hours grappling with human development, human behavior, Human evolution, along with tools and resources for moving into deeper stages of consciousness and the shedding of Ego.  After all that……. they are only Almost […]