One of the big modalities currently in therapeutic practices is “Internal Family Systems” or “IFS” and the idea that the core you can learn to communicate with the parts that protect you and the parts of that have been exiled due to shame and fear.  IFS is showing itself to be a deeply productive way to do inner work and today Bill is joined by LCSW Cory Reese and they set the ground work for what IFS is and how it works.  The plan is to follow-up with another episode that models IFS conversations where one talks to their parts and our hope is that we can prompt you to get curious about this therapeutic modality and to learn more.


Finding an IFS therapist –

Cory Reese’s practice in Southern Utah –

The book “No Bad Parts” –

IFS Institute –

The Multiplicity of the Mind: Dr. Richard Schwartz On A Systems Approach to Healing the Self –

IFS Podcast Conversation –


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