Hartley and Reel once again invite Jana Spangler and Anthony Miller on to dive deep into the idea of Doubt. This is the Third and Final part using Brian McLaren’s book “Faith After Doubt” as the framing for this conversation. And along the way they hope to address how to move away from right belief in to encompassing Love and how to hold people as they are while make a big box for other’s humanity to fit in.





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  1. I loved all three of these episodes and also recently read the book. Thanks all for your heartfelt perspectives.

    Britt talked about a multi-faith effort to support the homeless in the Phoenix area. I’m familiar with this and wanted to add a little color. The LDS church definitely doesn’t offer facilities for this, but some stakes are in the rotation for providing dinner and lunches for the next day at some of the churches that do offer their facilities. My ward has done a Sunday evening rotation on this (where the ward coordinates a dinner to be made and taken to the church where people are staying, and families to go eat dinner with the participants) twice a year for at least the last decade.

    Not refuting her comments, because it’s local stakes stepping up for this and not the institutional church. And definitely not offering any LDS facilities for use. Nonetheless it’s a good experience to go help other people, I’ve participated with my family several times.

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