Today we dive into Alain De Botton’s Ted Talk Atheism 2.0. While in the original conversation we included the entire talk of Botton’s, his sections are condensed in this audio to the most important parts. The jist of the episode is that while we may discard religion as made up bunk, we will do ourselves a disservice if we don’t recognize Religion as a vehicle to transfer skills, tool, and technology that has been instrumental in perpetuating the human species and that we ought to at least consider repurposing religion so as to utilize its processes that are functioning positively within our world.


2 Replies to “Almost Awakened: 096: Religion For Atheists”

  1. I’ll preface this by saying I’m just coming across your podcast and have loved Bill Reel’s content.

    I like the idea of having more community and humanistic groups formed.

    That said, I think your description on Facebook could have done without the bashing of atheism and agnosticism. The fact you grouped them together made me think you might not understand that they address separate things.

    Atheism and agnosticism don’t have anything to do with community building and humanism. They only speak to someone’s conviction in the existence of a god.

    Throwing that perspective under the bus looks to me like click bait and or just ignorance.

    Saying that you want to form community without any of the silly beliefs tells me that you are an agnostic atheist. But just want to form more of a community around that. I’m all for that. I’m closest to a secular humanist. I love space. Love community. Love my fellow humans. It is not empty being an agnostic atheist.

    Could you clarify your section on atheism in your Facebook post? Sorry if this came across negatively. I haven’t eaten yet today and am waiting on my food to finish 🙂 Didn’t mean it to be but I just don’t like seeing the intellectual honesty that comes with agnostic atheism slandered.

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