Glenn and Bill tackle an audio series created by Michael Singer, author of the untethered soul, and use it as a springboard for their own Almost Awakened conversation. This is part 1 in a multipart series and the conversation in this part covers ideas such as you are not your body, thoughts, or experiences but instead is just the observer behind your senses. That this moment does not belong to you. The marvelous process of how the universe started and how the earth formed and how all life flowed out from this. How we came out of the world rather than come into the world. How awareness affects our agency or “free-will” and if we even have “free-will”. And we end talking about how when our awareness changes we now have opportunities to show up in our world differently.


How the elements were created

The Journey of planet Earth birth to this present moment

You are not your thoughts –

The Creative Energy of the Universe –

Determinism vs Free Will –

The Peacock Spider’s Mating Ritual


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