Today Bill talks about 4 observations about human behavior

1.) That we need to be protectors of others Stories rather than one who hijacks the narratives of others.

2.) That we need to work on being present and not getting lost in the mind chatter that can overwhelm us and prevent us from showing up for others.

3.) That we need to learn that when in an argument we move from tangent to tangent such is likely a deflection mechanism that want to shift accountability.

4.) Understanding Sunken Cost vs Investment and pursuing the relationships where it feels like you are investing.



One Reply to “Almost Awakened: 048: Narratives, Story, Tangents, and Cost”

  1. Your messages are educational however, for me I’m 66 and using the same metaphors, years ago I chose to let go any investment in a relationship for because the relationship was unhealthy. Even the cult I was in was unhealthy; but I had made all my life’s chooses based on the unhealthy cult I was in. Through out time I worked hard to heal myself from a lot of unhealthiness that society and the cult is very good at spinning to look like it’s healthy. Anyway, now I’m at a place in my life where nothing else or no one else looks attractive to me, for me to invest in. Or I would not want them investing in me. So, two years ago I started playing and hired a great trombone coach. After 40 years. This and some writing keep me interested in my life. TYVM. TYVM means Thank You Very Much. TYVM,

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