Jared Clavin belonged to a religious system where alcohol was forbidden. Then Jared discovered his system didn’t have all the answers. As he begin questioning his faith he in turn had to question all the things his faith told him were good and were bad including alcohol. Once Jared stepped away from the faith of his Childhood he was now free to experiment for the first time with alcohol and to as an adult navigate and figure out this scary thing. We talk today about Jared’s written blog post on his journey titled “My First Year with Alcohol“. ‘Jared tells us about his good experiences, his bad experiences, what a hangover feels like, what alcohol does as a social lubricant, and how he managed discovering what he liked and what he didn’t and how to do this thing in a healthy and responsible way.



Casual Drinking, Problem Drinking & Alcoholism

How to Drink Responsibly and Enjoy Alcohol

How to drink responsibly

How to Drink Responsibly at That Party and Still Have Fun

How to Get Past the College Phase and Drink Alcohol Like an Adult


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