In Episode 3 we tackle vulnerability. What is vulnerability, when is the risk worth being vulnerable, what do safe space look like, how to lean into it, and so much more. We talk about vulnerability with your sacred stories, with your sexuality, and with who you are at your core. We hope you enjoy. Please email us your questions and comments at AlmostAwakened AT Gmail DOT Com and visit us at

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Mekael and Bill are the hosts of the Almost Awakened Podcast. They have spent a ton of time diving into human development, human behavior, having deconstructed unhealthy systems and communities and what they have learned from that. As they have built with others, a vibrant healthy community where Authenticity and vulnerability matter, they want to share with you what they have learned, point you to good books, provide you with the tools and resources to help you awaken, and share with you their experiences in doing shadow work and recognizing ego and working to reduce unhealthiness in our lives.

How To Embrace Vulnerability As Your Greatest Strength
Your Flaws Are Probably More Attractive Than You Think They Are
How Vulnerability Can Make Our Lives Better
The Power of Vulnerability TED TALK

Opening Song is Live in the Moment by: Portugual the Man
Closing Song was Brave by: Sara Bareilles


3 Replies to “Almost Awakened: 003: Vulnerability”

  1. I just listened to your 3rd podcast- on vulnerablilty and i have a question. I too, listen to people and how they talk about others to see if i can trust them. But when they say something negative about someone, i learn (sometimes) about how much i can trust that third person but can i use that info or is that listening to gossip? When is it ‘gossip’ and when is it a warning. This is more about when i don’t really know the person who told the story about person # 3 very well. This sit happened to me as a girl scout leader. A mother of one of the girls joined us as a leader and she told some stories about the mother of one of the little girls b/c she knew her well. I didn’t know either of them, so can i believe the story she tells? Or do i have to find out on my own that person # 3 is not trustable? If i take the ‘gossip’ as true info, then i also have to believe that person telling me this info is trustable and be vulnerable with her? I didn’t use her story about parent 3 as true b/c i had so far not seen that side of her, and then later i got burned, and so did the organization. How do you know when the teller of tales is a gossiper or a warn-er?

  2. Karin, these are great questions! While there can be truth shared in moments of gossip, it depends on the intent behind the sharing. For example, if person #1 is telling person #3 something about person #2 that diminishes, degrades, or belittles person #2, it says a lot about person #1. I would also suggest that if you have a concern about something you’ve heard about another person, it’s may be a good idea to discuss that with the person(s) involved. As humans, we are responsible for making educated decisions based on the information we have. What we are speaking to specifically in the podcast is a recognition that if someone is using another person’s sacred story simply because it’s an “interesting” story to tell but it diminishes another person and/or their story, I wouldn’t trust them with my sacred story. It’s difficult to have concrete “rules” and we encouraged you to use your intuition.

  3. A powerful tool of communication when addressing feeling of hurt/insult/disappointment caused by another — so that ‘terrorists’ don’t take over the cockpit 🙂 has been to begin the conversation by first acknowledging the relationship ‘hey, you are my wife/son/daughter/friend and I love/appreciate (iterate the relationship’s importance/base) you for x,y,z—when you said x,y,z or did this/that it made me feel this or I (take responsibility) reacted unhealthily this way and because you are (reinforce the relationship) and know we value one another we need to do better or please think of this next time. We don’t want terrorists to crash the plane or let unhealthy feelings/actions ruin relationships.

    Anyway, I totally messed up in text something I’ve been trying to do and seems to address the idea I enjoyed Bill sharing about ‘terrorists in the cockpit.’ Something I picked up from a pastor here in Wyoming. I’ve really enjoyed your podcasts and I’m going to throw out a prediction, I bet Bill loves Karen Carpenter and I bet I could get him to love, if he already doesn’t, pickleball— I’ll be in St George for ‘Fall Brawl’ October

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