So you want to wake up do ya? Well, besides life calling you to awaken, there are things you can do to help the process. here is our ten tips to awaken .

#1 Meditation: About 90% of those who are deeply awakened point to a meditation practice as the a major factor for moving into deeper stages of consciousness. To start your meditation practice today look here for tips.

#2 Reading: The general population is collectively moving into deeper stages of development and consciousness and it is in part due to our living in an information age. Part of waking up is continual learning. Try our Book Store

#3 Friends: finding an awakened friend isn’t easy. Finding an entire awakened community is damn difficult and yet being around others who are willing to be authentic and vulnerable and transparent while you do the same allows for some deep shadow work. Find people you be be deeply vulnerable and authentic with.

#4 Conscious Altering Tools/Vices: Almost everything can be a tool or a vice. Some people swear by psychedelic substances as a vehicle for deeper consciousness and see it as simply a gateway to problems. Everyone has an inner intelligence suggesting what is smart and an ego pushing them to do what isn’t smart at all. Try to be in touch with your inner intelligence and be informed on the pros and cons of such substances. A good place to start would be Michael Pollan’s book “How to Change Your Mind”

#5 Shadow Work: Shadow work is the work of being honest with yourself and about the unhealthy mechanisms your ego uses to protect you but which do you more harm than good in the long run and which prevent you from your healthiest self. One Synopsis on Shadow Work

#6 Intimacy: Part of being your healthiest self is the ability to have a healthy intimacy level with your lover and your friends and with others in your life. Emotional Intimacy, Physical Intimacy, Verbal Intimacy all allow others to see us and us to see them. It moves us from fitting in (changing yourself in order to be part of a community) to belonging (being accepted completely for who we are. For instance have you ever considered these levels of intimacy in your relationships.

#7 Trust: In order to be both your healthiest self as well as find yourself part of an authentic community, you will have to be trustworthy. We define “Trustworthy” as the awareness you have about yourself and others have about you that you will never intentionally carry out an action that will hurt another. When someone knows you will not hurt them intentionally and you hold the ground internally that makes their belief in you valid, then you have trust. If people fear your behavior and/or if you have malicious intentions internally, you are not trustworthy. Awakened people will sense this or discover it quickly and you will prevent yourself from fitting into any awakened community. Can you sense trust within the concepts of this article

#8 EGO – Or the awareness of it and the dissolution of it: Ego is what gives us our sense of self , it identifies and labels and categorizes everything, it determines who is us and who is them, and it protects our self fragility. It focuses on what the past means and imposes we worry about the future. It is almost a separate person within us. the more we become aware of the Ego and the more we are able to separate the Ego from our healthiest self the more awakened and healthy we become. Try reading Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth”

#9 Myth: Take some serious time to understand myth and its role in binding larger communities together. Take time to see how we moved from Intimacy to Gossip to Myth as our human societies grew from family to numbering in the thousands and then millions. Be willing to deconstruct your own spiritual systems and see the role of myth within them rather than only seeing myth in the systems of others. We recommend reading Sapiens

# 10 Life: The greatest tool to waking up is to experience life itself. But rather than focus on the past and the future, try to be present. Try to live fully in this moment. Life has a way if we pay attention and with laser focus try to be aware of right this moment, of waking us up.