These two have so much to say in a Humbleway. Love this podcast. Can’t wait for it each week.


If you are interested in adult development, exploring your shadow self, and overcoming your ego… This is the podcast for you.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it the content of this unique podcast.


One of the most impactful and inspirational podcast I’ve ever heard. I can’t wait for future episodes. If you want to become a healthier and a more emotionally mature person, this is your podcast.


I love how real they are! I can’t wait to hear the topics they will delve into. I like hearing about human development and vulnerability.


The topics thus far have been very thoughtful and emotionally provoking. Mekael and Bill have a way of finding meaningful pathways through complex subjects. I’m looking forward to hearing more.


I think many of us are sensing that old traditions and paradigms are only a value if the uplift self and others. Anything that doesn’t fit within that definition should be discarded as they ultimately keep us from developing. That development is the “awakening” that Mekael and Bill seem to be aiming for. I am thoroughly enjoying my journey alongside these wonderful people.


Bill and Mekael are a breath of fresh air and exactly what I have a big needing in a podcast. They are funny, insightful, and incredibly knowledgeable. Their vulnerability and openness in discussing and exposing their lives gives the listeners direction on how to bring vulnerability into their own lives. If you are looking for a more authentic and healthy way to navigate and explore the messiness of life this podcast is for you