Join hosts Bill Reel & Britt Hartley on this thought-provoking episode of Almost Awakened as they engage in a profound conversation with Dr. Dan McClellan. With a rich background in Ancient Near Eastern studies and a doctorate in the cognitive science of religion, Dr. McClellan brings a unique perspective to the table.

In this interview, delve into the intricacies of Mormon doctrine, particularly examining James E. Talmage’s role in codifying beliefs about the Godhead and exploring how this approach is received in wider biblical scholarship. Beyond the theological discussion, the conversation opens up to the broader benefits of studying the Bible, even for those in the post-deconstruction phase of their spiritual journey.

Dr. McClellan shares insights on the significance of biblical literacy in understanding Western civilization, literature, art, and government. The interview doesn’t shy away from tough questions, addressing Dr. McClellan’s experience with various religious groups claiming him and how he navigates identity in the context of evolving beliefs.

Listeners will gain valuable insights into Dr. McClellan’s perspective on Joseph Smith’s translation of the Bible, his favorite stories for deep exegesis, and the challenges and rewards of being a public scholar. As the conversation unfolds, the hosts explore the delicate balance between data and dogma, pondering the impact of changing doctrines on spiritual experiences.

The interview wraps up with a glimpse into Dr. McClellan’s ongoing projects, his stance on reporting religious aspects of global situations like Gaza, and a shout-out to his social media platform, courses, and the Data over Dogma podcast. Tune in for a captivating dialogue that transcends boundaries, inviting you to discern between data and dogma in your own spiritual exploration. Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your understanding of the Bible and religion with Dr. Dan McClellan on Almost Awakened!

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