Bill flies solo today and talks about several insights he has had over the last week along with discussing a bit of his relationship with cannabis and mentions a few other drugs.   He discusses the good that comes from Cannabis and how such conscious altering tools create a space for a healthier ego and a deeper awareness of how we humans are handling tension inside us.   And Bill shares some insights that came from his altered consciousness.

Also with Britt having stepped back for the foreseeable future, we need a guest host and perhaps several guest hosts who can fill in until we know better Britt’s situation.

Brittney Hartley’s family experienced a horrible tragedy when one of her children suffered a significant fall and incurred head trauma and serious injuries. The family and this child have a long road ahead as they deal with the multifaceted costs associated with care and recovery. Mormon Discussion Inc. has established this ongoing fundraiser as an effort to help mitigate the travel costs as the family seeks the appropriate care and rehabilitation of their child. All funds will be held in the account and as the family accrues travel costs the funds will be dispersed to Britt Hartley to help reduce the burden on the family. Any excess funds in the account once this situation has some resolution will be re-directed into the “Almost Awakened Podcast” where Britt Hartley is the co-host and the donation this campaign will be closed. Any Questions or concerns can be emailed to


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