A couple of moments this past week helped Bill connect the dots of some emotional wisdom that had been on his mind recently. IT has to do with how arrogant we are on the first half of life and and how at some point a light bulb goes on and we begin to sense how fragile life is and how fast time is moving and how we treat the present as if it is the past refusing to be present.


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  1. Bill,

    Just finished this episode, and I was in tears. I have been a lifelong fan of A-Ha and have followed their music, but had not heard the version you played. I remember being “that person” that felt days were too long, trying to find the joy in my situation. Then came the end of 2019 when I was diagnosed with a very aggressive breast cancer. I have finished my treatment and surgeries and have felt more renewed in my life than ever before. Because LIFE IS FRAGILE! I work from home and bought a new house last year after my chemo. One specifically with natural light to enjoy. There is never enough time….how could I have been so careless with it before? Time is precious, life is precious. Thank you for being so raw and letting us in to your inner thoughts and emotions.

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